ADHD and the trend to self-diagnose by TikTok

With more than 20 billion views of the hashtag #ADHD, some people have turned to TikTok to self-diagnose the condition rather than wait for a formal assessment.

BBC journalist, Ben Moore, investigates for Access All having started his own pathway to diagnosis on the social media platform. Henry Shelford from ADHD UK gives advice on what to do if all this sounds very familiar. And why he thinks the name of the condition doesn’t accurately reflect what it is.

And British Comedian of the Year, Dan Tiernan, joins Nikki Fox and Emma Tracey to talk about his dyspraxia, life on the comedy circuit and the number of jobs he was sacked from.

You can hear more episodes from Access All and subscribe to the podcast here.

Produced by: Keiligh Baker, Amy Elizabeth and Emma Tracey

Recorded and mixed by: Dave O’Neill

Series editor: Beth Rose

Editor: Damon Rose

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