Guide to the Best Betting Odds at Bovada

The NFL Scouting Combine is just around the corner, and college football players all over the land are prepping for the biggest day of their lives. While it’s an exciting time for them, it’s also an opportunity for football fans to place bets on their favorite events at Bovada.

Will Someone Break 4.29?

One of the most popular events at the NFL Scouting Combine is the 40-yard dash, and Bovada has set the line for the fastest 40 at 4.29, with the under at odds of -135 and the over at -105. If you think someone can break Jon Ross’ record of 4.22, you can back them at odds of +525.

Fastest 40-Yard Dash Time at 2023 NFL Combine
Odds Sportsbook
Under 4.29 (Quicker than 4.29) -135
Over 4.29 (Slower than 4.29)
-105 bovada

The track was exceptionally fast last year, and if this year’s track is the same, it could be worth tickling those odds and having a wager on under and hoping a college football speedster goes very low.

Will Rich Eisen Beat Last Year’s Time?

Every year, NFL Network analyst Rich Eisen steps up to run the 40-yard dash too, and Bovada is offering odds on his time for this year’s 40. His line is set at 6.03, with the over and under priced at -120. Last year, he did it in 6.16, and you can back him to be faster than that this year at –155 with Bovada.

Rich Eisen’s 40-Yard Dash Time at 2023 NFL Combine
Odds Sportsbook
Under 6.03 (Quicker than 6.03) -120 bovada
Over 6.03 (Slower than 6.03)
-120 bovada

Bet On Any NFL Combine Event

The Combine Bench Press is also an event that attracts a lot of attention, and this year’s line for the most reps by a college football player is set at 40, with the under at –145 and the over at +105. For someone to break Stephen Paea’s record of 49 reps, the odds are +550.

Other events to bet on include the Vertical Jump, 60-yard Shuffle, Longest Broad Jump, and Fastest 20-yard Shuffle.

The NFL Scouting Combine is a massive day for college football players, and they would have been preparing for months. If they perform well, they can boost their draft stock and potentially secure a spot on an NFL team. However, it’s not just the players who have the opportunity to win big at the NFL Scouting Combine. With Bovada’s odds, football fans can also place their bets and see if they come out on top.

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