Meal Prep Snack Recipes to Make Ahead

Working from home full-time has many perks (read: no commute and no judgment for wearing loungewear 24/7), but with every good thing comes a few downsides. For me, one of the pitfalls of working from home is my direct access to a pantry full of snacks. It sounds great in theory, but when I’m popping downstairs for a handful of chips or a piece of chocolate multiple times a day, I’m left feeling both unsatisfied and a little guilty. I need something that will fend off hunger between meals and keep cravings at bay, which is where these meal prep snack recipes come in. 

In an effort to clean up my snacking act, I rounded up a bunch of snack recipes that can be prepped ahead of time and kept in either the fridge or pantry throughout the week. That way, when the urge to snack strikes, I’ve got something healthy and nutrient-packed on hand for those quick mid-workday breaks.

Whether you’re prepping for yourself or the whole family, these meal prep snack recipes will keep you nourished and satisfied all week long. 




Source: Gimme Delicious


Source: Downshiftology



Source: Cookie and Kate





Source: Downshiftology


Source: A Couple Cooks






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