Kanye, Rogan Are Long Shots To Run For President In 2024

We are still a year out from the 2024 US Presidential race and campaigns, but we are already starting to figure out who the candidates might be for both parties.

Joe Biden is currently the odds-on leader to remain in office for another term as the country’s leader, with a +225 designation. He has a slight lead over two potential Republican candidates in Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump Sr., who come in at +275 and +325 respectively.

But what about the people whose names appear further down the list? Here are five long shot candidates for both President and Vice President whose names stick around amongst the rest:

Kanye, Rogan Are Long Shots To Run For President In 2024

Joe Rogan (VP) +15000

Rogan has been one of the strongest and most listened to voiced in America over the last half-decade, and routinely made headlines during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the views of both he and his guests. He has conservative values and while he is not listed as one of the many candidates to run for President, Rogan is listed at +15000 to be the Republican Vice President nominee.

Cori Bush (VP) +30000

Her views are extremely progressive, as she has been at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement and has supported policies such as defunding the police and a $15 minimum wage. She is currently a congresswoman from Missouri, and currently has a +30000 designation, the longest odds of anyone besides Ilhan Omar.

Bernie Sanders (P) +6600

His name has been one of the most mentioned during the past two elections, but Bernie Sanders never made it far enough to become the primary Democratic candidate for the presidency. He is listed by the oddsmakers again this year, both to be the Presidential candidate (+6600) and the Vice Presidential candidate (+10000). According to the books, it looks like Bernie will fall short once again in 2024.


Elon Musk (P) +25000

The world’s richest man has seemingly morphed over the years from being somewhat progressive to now claiming to be a leftist, and showing so through his many tweets, memes, and cartoon posts. Could he run for President? He has already done an excellent job in starting to run the Twitter platform into the ground, just think of how successful he’d be as the leader of the most powerful country in the world. He is listed at +25000 to be the Republican nominee for President.

Kanye West (P) +40000

Another celebrity could be joining the race, though both his candidacy and mental stability will be in question if he does decide to make any run. Kanye West has been overly extreme in some of his comments and actions over the past couple of years, with outlandish references to Nazis and Jews. But he has a cult like following, and a +40000 to be the Republican nominee.

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