Nightstand Styling Ideas for Every Decorating Style

Your nightstand is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you stare at before going to bed, so it may as well make you happy, right? If your nightstand could use a bit of a refresh, I’m here to help! With the help of some art, books, lighting, and accessories, styling a nightstand is a snap.

Follow along as I style one nightstand (this CB2 piece, to be exact) in three different ways: grandmillennial, boho, and eclectic. Shop my favorite nightstand styling products below, and use this as an excuse to clear the clutter off your bedside table once and for all!



Source: Sarah Lyon

What You Need:

  • Framed print
  • Floral-print journal
  • Woven tray
  • Coffee table books
  • Burl wood photo frame

First things first: Let it be known that grandmillennial style isn’t just about decorating with blue and white pieces. Pinks, woven touches, and classic artwork are all key components of the aesthetic, too. When designing this grandmillennial nightstand, I started by leaning a favorite print from photographer Slim Aarons against the wall. To score a similar framed piece at a price that won’t totally blow your budget, I suggest checking out Sonic Editions—that’s where I got this photo, and there are so many other options to choose from depending on your desired mood and aesthetic.

Then, I wove in some fun accessories. Any grandmillennial knows that florals are a must, so I added in this flowery-printed journal. It’s perfect for jotting down last-minute thoughts and to-dos before bed without having to reach for your phone (because we all know that opening your Notes app just for a sec can easily lead to an hour-long TikTok binge).

Next up, I set out a woven tray to corral some essentials. I’ll admit that it’s technically meant to hold napkins or guest towels, but don’t judge—I absolutely love how it looks on my nightstand. Inside, I placed some key beauty products that I reach for every evening, including my favorite Osea pillow spray and Laneige lip mask (right now I’m loving the vanilla scent!).

And because every grandmillennial should be well versed in all things style-related, I set out two coffee table books. Both of them are from HomeGoods, which is chock full of trendy, brand-new coffee table books at amazing prices. To finish off the look, I set out a burlwood picture frame that I picked up at Marshall’s and outfitted with an Anna Wintour greeting card (you can thank me later for this affordable art hack!).



Source: Sarah Lyon

What You Need:

  • Framed artwork
  • Colorful candles
  • Coffee table books
  • Funky vase with flowers

I’m definitely an eclectic girlie at heart. I love scooping up one-of-a-kind finds and layering in all types of patterns and textures into one small vignette. When designing this eclectic nightstand, I decided to work in a few bold pops of color without making things too vibrant. After all, the bedroom is ultimately a place to relax and unwind from the day, so the nightstand shouldn’t be too visually stimulating.

First up, I set out a framed piece of artwork. Abstract art is great for eclectic spaces because it can showcase a bunch of different colors all at once. Whether you purchase a piece from an up-and-coming artist or DIY your own is entirely your call!

Next, I set out some cool candles, including some twisty tapers and one shaped like a geode. These definitely aren’t your average candles—the funky designs mean they can double as decor, which is a win-win. I then set out a couple of art-related books from my shelf. I love having things to flip through before bed and these seem to fit the eclectic bill perfectly! Next to the stack of books, I put some flowers in a vase from Lulu & Georgia; the black and white design is so versatile and packs a punch.



Source: Sarah Lyon

What You Need:

  • Vintage mirror
  • Rattan lamp
  • Coffee table books
  • Candle
  • Glass cloche

Boho style is all about intentional, laid-back design choices. To start off this boho-inspired nightstand, I propped up a vintage mirror that I picked up at a local flea market, which adds some major character. Next, I set out a couple of coffee table books to add some personality. If you love boho style, you’ve got to get your hands on Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow book—it’s full of ultra-inspiring spaces. Then, because anything woven goes in a boho home, I added a touch of rattan with a table lamp. The gold base has a slim footprint, making it a great fit for this small nightstand.

To finish things off, I set out a candle from Wax Buffalo. Their collection of X Candles is just so vibey (hello, gorgeous jars!) and they smell great to boot. There’s truly a scent for anyone (and there’s even an unscented option if fragrances aren’t really your thing). I also grabbed a glass cloche from Lulu & Georgia to place over the candle. Not only does this help contain the scent when the candle isn’t burning (and keeps off dust), but it also adds a sophisticated and stylish touch.

And that’s it! If you ask me, simple is the name of the game when it comes to boho style—less can really be more.


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