Derek Carr Signing Improves Saints Super Bowl Odds by 60%

The first domino has fallen in the NFL’s impending quarterback carousel this off-season, as reports have come out that Derek Carr has reached an agreement with the New Orleans Saints.

Carr spent the first nine years of his career between Oakland and Las Vegas while playing for the Raiders. He always had respectable statistics, consistently putting up 4,000 yard seasons and routine seasons of 22+ touchdowns, and he finished third in MVP voting in 2016. But his teams were never able to make it over the hump in the AFC, or in within their own division, for that matter.

Derek Carr Signing Improves Saints Super Bowl Odds By 60%

The relationship soured near the end. Carr fell out of favor with the Raiders and hit free agency, and he is the first of the big-name quarterbacks to find a new home. He will be under center for the Saints this coming season, as he is reportedly signing a 4-year deal worth up to $150 million. Given their quarterback situation from a season ago, New Orleans will most certainly be receiving an upgrade, and their odds of winning the Super Bowl have received one, too.

When the day began, the Saints were listed at +4000 to win the Super Bowl in 2024, near the middle of the pack in relation to the rest of the league. But as soon as the Derek Carr signing was announced, their odds increased considerably. As it stands now, New Orleans is listed at +2500, shorter odds than teams like the Broncos, Dolphins, and Rams. The Coach of the Year listings were affected too, as Dennis Allen is now 4th in that category.


All of these odds are subject to heavy change, of course. We are still in the infancy of the off-season, and there is plenty of player movement and team building to be done through free agency and the draft process. The defending champion Kansas City Chiefs are currently the favorite and likely will be when the season starts, and there won’t be much change within the top-4.

But there could be key additions made by teams like the Cowboys, Jets, or Jaguars that could help boost them up the rankings. The Baltimore Ravens, for instance, now have equal odds with the Saints at +2500, but have tons of uncertainty with their most important player. If Lamar Jackson finds himself on another team, then two different sets of odds with be heavily affected.

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