TikTok’s ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome,’ Explained

“I’m so lucky; everything works out for me.” If you haven’t heard that viral affirmation yet, you must be living under a rock–or maybe you’re just doing something more productive than scrolling on your phone. Either way, you’re missing out on the latest manifestation trend that everyone on TikTok is using to achieve their dream life: Lucky Girl Syndrome. Content creators Laura Galebe (AKA the CEO of the “Memoir Technique”) and Sammy K (AKA the college girl with a flip phone) helped popularize the trend by sharing their personal experiences trying it out. Both share in their videos about how the manifestation technique completely changed their lives and helped them attract unbelievable outcomes and opportunities. If this sounds like the kind of energy you’re trying to manifest this year, read on to learn more about Lucky Girl Syndrome and how you can apply it to your everyday life. 


What is Lucky Girl Syndrome? 

Before we had Lucky Girl Syndrome, we had the Law of Assumption. In his book The Law of Assumption: An Essential Lesson, Neville Goddard explained the principle, saying that whatever we assume to be true will eventually become true, for better or worse. This is the same thinking as Lucky Girl Syndrome. Do you know someone who always seems to have things go wrong for them? Think: They get a parking ticket, are summoned for jury duty, and spill their coffee all in the same day. Maybe these bad things always happen to them because they assume bad things will always happen to them. The same can be said for lucky people who find money in their pockets or get an unexpected promotion. Things always seem to work out for them because they assume they will. 

The Law of Assumption also places importance on the power of imagination, saying that everything that exists came from someone’s imagination and was then brought into reality. If we can imagine something and assume it will happen, it will become our truth. If you can visualize being lucky and assume everything will work out for you, you’re on your way to becoming a lucky girl.



The secret is to assume and believe it before the concrete proof shows up. BE DELUSIONAL. #bedelusional #luckygirlsyndrome #affirmations #lawofassumption #manifestationtiktok #manifestingtok #lawofassumptiontok #manifestation

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How to practice it 


Listen to an affirmation playlist

On a recent episode of The Everygirl Podcast, self-development coach, manifestation expert, and best-selling author Roxie Nafousi shared that listening to affirmation playlists helped kickstart her manifestation journey. She recommended listening to affirmations as you fall asleep because it’s one of the few times of the day the self-conscious is most susceptible to reprogramming beliefs. “A belief is just a thought that’s repeated so many times that it becomes so,” Nafousi said. Search for affirmation playlists on YouTube, listen to the meditations and positive affirmations Roxie offers on her website, or try recording your own with customized lucky girl statements, like “I am so lucky” or “I don’t chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me.” 


Say your affirmations out loud

Nafousi and Galebe both believe that saying affirmations out loud is key to making practices like manifestation and Lucky Girl Syndrome work for you. Like Nafousi explained, “The sub-conscious can’t differentiate a truth from a lie, so it will believe whatever you tell it. So, if you say a mantra or an affirmation, even if you don’t consciously feel it’s true, it doesn’t matter. Your sub-conscious will take it as truth.” Say your affirmations out loud in the morning to set the tone for a positive mindset, and prepare to have a lucky day.  



Lucky girl syndrome is something that science has proven. This is why setting morning I tensions is so important. #luckygirl #luckygirlsyndrome #manifesting #manifestingmethods #milennials #eldermillenial #boomer

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Set reminders  

No matter how hard we try, it can be tough for some of us (*raises hand*) to remember to say affirmations every day. The solution? Try leaving affirmation notes around your house (think: a Post-it Note on your bathroom mirror) or making your affirmations your lock screen on your phone as a reminder that you are lucky and everything goes your way. Then when you stumble upon them throughout the day, take time to read them to yourself and say them out loud. Even lazy girls can be lucky girls. 


Look for proof

If you find that affirmations alone aren’t doing the trick, try this tip from brain training specialist and hypnosis practitioner Emilie Leyes. According to Leyes, our brains learn better from experiences than from words. In other words, pairing affirmations with real life examples will help us believe them. “Set an intention to start noticing the moments when things do go your way even if it’s the smallest thing,” Leyes said. “All of a sudden your brain is learning from these experiences and you’re going to subconsciously believe by default that things do go your way.” 


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