Spring Break Packing For Littles

Spring break with little ones requires careful packing to ensure their comfort and enjoyment during the trip. I always pack plenty of  sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect the girls from the sun. I also include lots of swimwear options, as well as comfortable and breathable clothing that is easy to move and play in. Layers are always a must for after swim time and for any changes in the weather. Bringing entertainment, such as books, games, and toys, helps keep the girls occupied during long travel days and downtime. Simple, efficient packing for littles leads to a more enjoyable and memorable spring break for everyone! See below for more ideas on what to bring!

Dress your little one in this cotton mini dress with the sweetest checkered details, along with sandals and a raffia bucket bag.

A ruffled neckline and ocean-inspired print make this bikini top and matching bottoms a perfect spring break swimsuit option for littles.

Cheerful stripes brighten up these comfortable cotton shorts, a perfect essential to take on any spring getaway.

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