These Silver Pants Are All We Want to Wear RN

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Once in a blue moon, I’ll be scrolling through social media, and a piece will catch my eye and be so good that it stops me in my tracks. It’s rare, but when it happens, it feels as if all the stars aligned and the sun is shining down through the clouds to hit my face perfectly as I say “this is it.” I was lucky enough for it to happen to me just last night when I stumbled upon Gap’s new faux-leather silver pants.

They check all the boxes: They look ultra-flattering on everyone I saw wearing them on TikTok, they have a perfect metallic sheen, they’re fully in stock, and they’re currently on sale

I’ve been an owner and lover of silver pants for months. I love wearing mine on a normal Tuesday, and I do. Even with just a T-shirt and sneakers, they’re the fun addition to my wardrobe that sparks dopamine every time I put them on (which happens to be multiple times a week). But for the roster of all the highly anticipated concert tours that are coming up this year, they feel particularly like a match made in heaven.

Think about it: When you’re planning a concert outfit, you want it to center around a piece that packs a punch—and what packs a bigger punch than silver pants? They can be tailored to whatever concert you’re heading to this year—with a bejeweled corset for a Midnights-inspired Eras Tour outfit, with a black leather tank for Beyoncé’s tour—and are comfortable enough that they won’t hinder your dancing throughout the night. They are, in a word (or three), concert outfit perfection.

Of course, you can also wear them outside of your upcoming concerts, too. Silver is trending this year, and is already gaining enough traction to become one of the defining styles of the year. Silver shoes, accessories, and yes, even pants are rising to the top of the “coolest things to have on your body” list for spring. J.Crew had a pair of viral silver pants that sold out immediately back in December, but Gap’s latest release is giving those who missed out the opportunity to hop on the train too—and at a lower price point. We’ll call that a win.


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To a concert

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For everyday

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