Dallas Cowboys Plan To Release Ezekiel Elliot

In a shocking turn of events, the Dallas Cowboys will likely release star running back Ezekiel Elliott from the team. The news comes as a surprise to fans and analysts alike. Elliott has been a key player for the Cowboys since being drafted fourth overall in 2016.


Nothing is confirmed yet, but it does seem like Elliot’s time in Dallas has come to an end. Despite being one of the most talented running backs in the league, Elliott’s performance has been inconsistent in recent years, and his large contract has become a burden on the team’s salary cap.

“Backup” running back Tony Pollard was simply the better back in all categories. Elliot is still a capable running back in the NFL, but he is not the runner he once was. His yards per carry dropped immensely this past year. He averaged a career low 3.8 YPC. Dallas should be fine with Pollard as their lead back. Recent factors suggest that Dallas will either add a RB in free agency or the draft. They could also let second year player Malik Davis to step up as the number two back behind Pollard.

The news of Elliott’s impending release will likely cause a stir among fans and NFL insiders, with many speculating about where he might end up next. Despite his recent struggles, there is no denying that Elliott is a talented player who could potentially make a big impact on any team in the league.

Still with the  departure of Ezekiel Elliot, the offense will not falter as much. Dallas should be considered to be favorites to win the NFC East according to Texas sportsbooks. It remains to be seen how this decision will affect the Cowboys’ performance in the upcoming season, but one thing is certain: the team will have some big shoes to fill in the running back position.

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