8 Easy Coachella Outfits to Wear This Year

Though it may seem like rainy days and cold weather will never be behind us, a good indicator that spring and summer are actually on the horizon is the fact that Coachella is right around the corner. We’re counting down the days until Frank Ocean is up on that stage crooning “Thinkin Bout You,” but until then, we’re filling our Pinterest boards up with Coachella outfit inspo. 

April in the California desert is known for being scorching hot, so when it comes to picking out outfits for Coachella weekend, you’re going to want to lean toward something that’ll keep you cool and comfortable. Leave anything remotely sweat-inducing at home, and pack extra deodorant. But fear not: You don’t have to give up style for comfort—the two can exist hand-in-hand.

Coachella outfits tend to follow a specific formula every year: minimal clothing (you are in the desert, after all), boots to stomp around in, flowy dresses, and Western motifs. Once you’ve got a few pieces in mind of what you want to style your outfit around, you’re all set for the entire weekend. We’ve rounded up some Coachella outfits that’ll keep you cool—but looking hot—all weekend long.


 A sundress and cowboy boots

A sundress and cowboy boots at Coachella? Groundbreaking. Seriously, though, it’s a classic for a reason. Not only is it arguably the comfiest outfit you can wear all weekend (hello, you can wear biker shorts underneath), but the variety of styles of sundresses out there allow for self-expression to really shine through.

A wrap skirt and a tiny tee

Easy and breezy, a wrap skirt worn at Coachella will have you drifting from set to set effortlessly. Combined with a crop top, this look would pair great with combat or cowboy boots.

A flowy jumpsuit

If you’re looking for an easy, one-and-done look, opt for a flowy, wide-leg jumpsuit. It looks great with a fanny pack around your waist, and can let your desert-essential accessories really shine. Amp up the flow factor with a kimono or wide crocheted-cardigan.

Fringe, fringe, and more fringe

Play up the Western vibes at Coachella with an excess of fringe. Gone are the days of suede-exclusive fringe, as bejeweled fringe is also starting to make it’s way onto the scene, which is a perfect choice for a festival. To make your fringe Coachella-worthy by layering up fringed pieces and letting your inner ’70s self shine.

A onesie dressed up with accessories

Treat your unitard as a blank slate and add fun accessories on top to mix up this classically sporty look. Paired with a fun chain belt or cool beaded jacket, you’ve got a look you can dance all day in (and that’ll hide your sweat and spills that acquire throughout the day).

Crochet and western motifs

When I see this look I can’t help but think of the Queen of Coachella herself, Vanessa Hudgens. What’s Coachella without some crochet patterns? Eyelet lace is already trending for 2023, so we guarantee you’re about to see is all over the grounds come festival season.

See-through pieces with a meant-to-be-seen bra

Have a little mesh moment with a see-through top or dress. Worn with a bra or undergarments that are meant to be seen, it’s a fun way to incorporate different materials meant for the scorching desert sun. Paired with a cute bralette, you’re all set—just don’t forget the sunscreen. 

A ruffled romper and sunnies

Is it a dress? Is it a romper? A smocked romper is an upgrade from the dated silhouettes that might come to mind when you think of a romper, and is perfect to parade the festival grounds in. By the end of the weekend, you won’t wanna take this one off. Grab your sunnies and sneakers, this look is begging to be worn at a music festival.

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