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By nature, spring is a season of renewal. The snow melts away, the sun peeks back out, and the outside world slowly starts to wake up and turn green again after a long, dreary winter. With all this going on outside, I can’t help but want to capture that fresh, new feeling for my home, too. Everything is lighter and brighter this time of year, and I firmly believe that your spring home decor should be included in that. 

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to give your home a little refresh, let spring be the nudge you need. As we head toward warmer, sunnier days, it’s time to fill our homes with brighter colors, lighter textures, and all the freshness we can muster. And if you need some inspiration for where to start, I’ve got you covered. Here are all the spring home decor items I’ve got my eye on for a much-needed seasonal refresh.



Spring-Inspired Art and Accessories

If you’re craving a new look but don’t want to invest in all-new furnishings, art and accessories are the way to go. To capitalize on those springtime vibes, look for items that feature soft pastels, breezy neutrals, woven textures, and natural materials. A pop of colorful artwork couldn’t hurt either. 


Lightweight Textiles

The time for heavy faux furs and fluffy sherpa has long gone. Bring on loosely woven linen, crisp cotton, and fabrics like seersucker and gingham for a lightweight look that feels like spring.


Floral Touches

Flowers are an obvious choice for spring home decor, but we’re not ones to mess with a good thing. Whether you opt for floral prints or the 3D version you can plop in a vase, you truly can’t go wrong.


Spring Table Decor

It doesn’t matter if you’re prepping for a dinner party à la Martha Stewart or simply waiting for your takeout order to arrive—there’s something about setting the table with your fancy plates that is just *chef’s kiss.* This spring, go ahead and romanticize your life any day you please with table decor that can make any meal feel like an occasion.


Spring Home Decor Ideas: How Designers Are Updating Their Homes for the Season

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