Chicago Bears With Most Cap Space After First Free Agency Wave

The Chicago Bears were the worst team in the NFL last season as far as their record was concerned, but they are a prime candidate for a serious turnaround for next year and the future.

It was a rough 3-14 campaign in 2022, but it wasn’t at all a waste. At some point during the season, the Bears coaching staff figured out how to get the most out of quarterback Justin Fields’ ability, and the young pass thrower began to shine.

Chicago Bears Have $16 Million More Cap Space Than Second-Place

Thanks to his dual threat ability, Fields became one of the most electrifying players in the league, but there simply wasn’t enough talent on either side of the ball to compliment him.

Chicago has made sure that that won’t be the case two seasons in a row.

Not only were they able to flip the first overall pick for a package of assets, but they still have the most money to spend of any team in the NFL, by a wide margin. And they somehow have all of that cap space after having one of the most successful free agency periods of any team.

It started with adding a legit target and potential #1 wide receiver for Fields in acquiring DJ Moore from the Panthers in the trade. But the Bears continued by making one of the biggest signings of the off-season, nabbing former Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmonds by giving him a 4-year, $72 million deal.

They bolstered their offensive line by signing Nate Davis and Riley Reiff, and added DeMarcus Walker and TJ Edwards on the defensive side.

Plenty Of Early Bets Coming In On Bears

And still, somehow, the Bears have approximately $41 million left to spend, according to Spotrac. They not only have the most cap space, but they do so by an impressive margin. The Falcons and Packers are the second and third ranked teams, and they have over $16 million less space than Chicago.

For comparison’s sake, the division rival Minnesota Vikings have the least money to spend. They are nearly $2 million over the cap.

Where might the Bears allocate that money? There is plenty of off-season left. The NFL Draft will be here before we know it, though there aren’t nearly enough rookies to eat up the cap space that Chicago has available. But there are still plenty of free agents available, and players that will become free agents as teams clear their own cap space.

There hasn’t been an NFL team that has had more future wagers placed on them than the Chicago Bears for the upcoming season, and the bettors may be on to something.

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