Discord Hit Over Half a Billion Users in 2023; User Count Grows 23% Year-over-Year

Over the past five years, Discord has seen its user base almost triple, with millions of gamers and non-gamers choosing the platform as their top online space to communicate and live stream. The growing trend continued in 2023, with the number of users reaching record highs.

According to data presented by SportsLens.com, Discord hit more than half a billion users in 2023, showing a massive 23% increase year-over-year.

Almost 200 million New Discord Users in Just Two Years

Ever since Discord was introduced in May 2015, its popularity has skyrocketed. One of the reasons is because it allows users to create or join thematic communities called servers, where they can communicate via chat and voice channels or live stream gaming sessions.

Today, with millions of users and servers, the platform is, without a doubt, a dominant player in the online communications industry.

According to Statista, Discord, and Forbes data, in 2018, Discord`s user count stood at 200 million. By June 2020, this figure swelled to 300 million. Still, that was nothing compared to the growth in the past three years. Between 2021 and 2022, the platform added a huge 88 million new users, with the total user count reaching 456 million worldwide. However, between January 2022 and January 2023, another 107 million people started using the platform, with Discord’s user base swelling to 563 million. The Statista data show Discord gained almost 200 million new users in just two years.

Midjourney Discord`s Most Popular Server with 13.7 Million Members

Discord communities gather around different server themes, from gaming to music and learning. However, some of them count much more members than others. According to the official Discord data, Midjourney, the AI-powered text-to-image tool, is the platform’s largest and most popular server, counting more than 13.7 million members as of last week.

Open AI ranked as the second-largest server, with more than 3 million members. The Discord community for the popular Roblox game Blox Fruits came third, with around one million members. Roblox, Valorant, and Genshin Impact Official servers follow, with 998 thousand, 994 thousand, and 984 thousand members, respectively.

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