New York Jets Fall Out Of Top-5 Super Bowl Favorites

We are just a month and a half into the NFL off-season, but for New York Jets fans, it must feel like years.

They had one of the most frustrating years of any team in 2022. The Jets were wildly talented on both sides of the ball, with young players contributing and excelling at positions all over the roster. They exceeded expectations early in the season, and were in the thick of the playoff race around the mid-way point.

New York Jets No Longer Top-5 Super Bowl Favorites

But the team collapsed down the stretch, thanks in large part to the lackluster performances they received from their quarterbacking unit. The Zach Wilson project was an abject failure, though the former 2nd overall pick still remains on the roster. His backups couldn’t stay healthy, as injuries to Mike White and Joe Flacco forced Wilson back into the starting lineup against the will of the coaching staff.

The Jets ultimately missed out on the playoffs, and there were rumblings around the locker room of players being as unhappy with the QB situation as everyone else was.

Because of this, New York figured to be one of the biggest players on the quarterback market, and they certainly have been. The Jets have been the center of the Aaron Rodgers saga for the better part of three weeks now, and yet there has still been no agreement between them and the Packers in trading for the star.

The sports books have been adjusting their future Super Bowl lines accordingly. The Jets entered the off-season with +2200 odds, given their talented roster and potential to land a star quarterback. But when it became apparent that Rodgers was leaning towards playing in New York, those odds dropped significantly.

How Aaron Rodgers Affects The Super Bowl Odds

The Rodgers rumors plummeted the Jets’ Super Bowl odds, dropping them all the way down to +1000, which was the 5th shortest of any team in the league. The only teams that had better chances were the Chiefs, Bills, 49ers, and Bengals.


But it has been a few days since we heard any new news from either side. Rodgers’ appearance on the Pat McAfee show seemed to answer most of the questions about the decision itself, but it was clear that there was no done deal.

Since then, the odds have shifted. The Bengals have now entered the top-5 in Super Bowl odds, with their line currently coming in at +1100. The Jets didn’t drop much, but their fall down to +1200 was significant enough for there to be movement amongst the top teams. The line will change further, for better or worse, when any more news on Rodgers breaks.

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