Shohei Ohtani Predicted WBC MVP When He Was In High School

Shohei Ohtani is the talk of the baseball world after his performance for Team Japan in the WBC.

He had a stellar showing throughout the event, hitting for a .435 average and .606 on-base percentage in 23 at bats. He finished tied for first in runs and hits, and was tied for the 4th most RBIs.

Ohtani pitched more than anyone throughout the tournament, as well. He finished with a 2-0 record with an ERA of 1.86 and a WHIP of 0.72, all while striking out 11 batters in 9.2 innings of work.

Shoehi Ohtani Predicted WBC MVP When He Was In High School

While the sports world is enamored with his talent and accomplishments, would you believe that Ohtani saw this exact thing coming when he was in high school?

There was a Reddit post that came out over five years ago that showed a translated list of goals and potential accomplishments that Shohei Ohtani laid out for himself when he was in high school. The list was apparently shown on a Japanese TV program when Ohtani was making his move to the major leagues.

The goals are lofty, just as many high school athletes would have it. Some probably looked at the list that Ohtani made and laughed, even if they knew how talented he was. The accomplishments are almost outlandish.

But knowing what we know now, some of them might not seem too far off, and one of them he almost hit right on the money.

Ohtani’s List Of Goals Is A Lofty One

Ohtani’s listed goal for age 27 is to be a “Member of Japan WBC team and MVP”. Sure, he is technically 28 years old, so he isn’t Nostradamus in predicting it down to the exact age. But it is a bit eerie that that specific of a prediction came so close to being true.

Despite how unreachable some of those high school dreams my appear, he has accomplished a good amount of them, though a few years behind. He hasn’t thrown a no-hitter or gotten to 25 wins, but he made it into a starting rotation in the majors and won 15 games as a starter (his goal was 16).

There has been no Cy Young award win yet, but perhaps he’ll take the overall MVP of the league as a consolation.

According to the list, Shohei Ohtani should be having his first son next year.

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