What to Shop From the Target Spring Home Sale

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Target’s home decor selection is the ultimate test of my self-control. On my good days, I’ll walk into the store with my list of practical items I actually need and leave with only what I came for, not even batting an eye at the aisles upon aisles of decor that would look so cute in my home. In my weaker moments, I’ll spend an hour wandering around, filling my cart with picture frames, throw pillows, and anything else I can get my hands on. For my budget’s sake, I try to limit those instances as much as possible. But when a sale as good as Target’s Spring Home Sale comes around, all bets are off.

When we’re talking about up to 25% off furniture and decor and up to 50% off outdoor furniture and accessories, this is not a time for self-control. This is the time to grab your wallet and finally purchase all those items you’ve had your eye on while you can save major bucks doing it. You’re going to need some new stuff as we head into summer anyway, so why not get it while it’s on sale? That’s just logic. 

Without further ado, here are some of the best items to shop during Target’s spring home decor sale, plus exactly how to take advantage of these deals. Your future self will thank you. 



20% Off Decor & Accessories

Source: Target

This Target Circle deal will get you 20% off decorative objects and greenery. Be sure to save it before you shop!


20% Off Wall Art & Mirrors

Source: Target

Save this offer to your Target Wallet to get 20% off wall decor.


20% Off Pillows & Throws

Source: Target

Don’t forget to save this offer in Target Circle to get 20% pillows and throws!


Up to 25% Off Furniture

Source: Target

No discount code needed for this deal! All of these furniture picks are marked down up to 25%. 


Up to 50% Off Outdoor Furniture & Decor

Source: Target

Some of the best deals of this spring’s sale are on outdoor furniture and accessories—and you don’t need a discount code to get the savings.


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