36% Chance Stays With Ravens

The Lamar Jackson saga took yet another turn on Monday morning when he took to Twitter to announce that he had requested a trade all the way back on March 2nd.

The situation between the Ravens and the former MVP quarterback has long since soured. But the team placed the franchise tag on him earlier in the off-season, keeping him from testing free agency. He will now either play for Baltimore in Week 1 of the 2023 season, or the team can trade him for compensation.

Colts, Lions Are Teams Most Likely To Trade For Lamar Jackson

It looks as though it is headed in that direction. When it comes to the sports books, the Colts (+300) and Lions (+400) are listed as the favorites to trade for Jackson, with the Falcons, Bucs, Dolphins, and Patriots apparently in the mix as well.

But there are new proposition bets that have been released this week at BetOnline.ag regarding more specifics on Jackson’s situation.

Instead of betting on which team he plays for, you can simply bet that he plays for the Ravens, or for someone else. “Start for any other team” is the heavy favorite, listed at -225. The oddsmakers say that there is a 36% chance that he is under center for Baltimore in Week 1, with a line of +175. The third option and distant underdog is “Doesn’t start for any team”, coming in at +550.


How many games he starts during the 2023 regular season is a betable option. The line sits at 13.5, meaning that Las Vegas believes that he’ll miss anywhere between 4 and 5 games. Given his current contract situation coupled with his tendency for injury in recent years, going with the under might be a smart wager on this one.

Finally, there is a line available of whether or not Lamar Jackson and whatever team he plays for will make the playoffs in 2023. Some of the teams that are favored to acquire him could be a dual-threat quarterback away from contending for a championship, and the Ravens will be contenders for the post season as well. Betting that Jackson’s team will make the playoffs comes in at -130, while “No” is -110.

Teams could be waiting for the Aaron Rodgers deal to finally go through before they make their move on Jackson. Because of the franchise tag placed on him, any team trading for his services would have to give up at least two first-round picks to the Ravens.

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