Colts, Falcons Among Favorites To Trade For Lamar Jackson

It has long been known that the relationship between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens is fractured. And while the team placed the franchise tag on him this off-season, it appears as though the two sides may be ready to move on.

It was announced by Jackson himself on Monday afternoon that he has requested a trade. He took to Twitter to break the news by sending a “Letter to my fans”, thanking the Ravens supporters and laying out some of the details of his situation.

Jackson apparently gave his request nearly a month ago, as he claims it was made on March 2nd. Given that information, Baltimore has likely already fielded phone calls in regard to the quarterback’s services, as there won’t be a lack of suitors for the former MVP.

Lamar Jackson Has Requested A Trade. Where Might He End Up?

But just who might come calling? Here are some of the teams that has listed as possible destinations for Lamar Jackson:

Indianapolis Colts (+300)

The overall favorite are the Indianapolis Colts. They seem to have lacked a true direction when it comes to their off-season goals, especially at the quarterback position. They currently employ the trio of Gardner Minshew, Nick Foles, and Sam Ehlinger, none of whom jumps off of the page as the outright favorite to win the starting job.

Could they be waiting for the availability of Lamar Jackson? They are somewhat heavy favorites when it comes to trading for the quarterback, coming in with a line of +300.

Detroit Lions (+550)

The Lions have showed promise and progress over the last couple of seasons with Dan Campbell at the helm, and they will look to capitalize with a big season in 2023. Could Lamar Jackson be a part of their plan? Detroit has rolled with Jared Goff as their starter for the last two seasons, but it should be no secret that they are willing to upgrade.

During the early part of last season, the Lions had one of the most dynamic offenses in the league. Adding a dual-threat quarterback who has been a part of a winning organization could be just what they need in Detroit going forward. They are listed at +550 to land Jackson, the same number given to the Atlanta Falcons.

New York Jets (+1200)

Aaron Rodgers is supposed to be heading to New York to play for the Jets, right? The only quarterback that has dominated more headlines this off-season than Jackson is Rodgers, whose decision about his future has dragged on all the way into nearly April. There doesn’t have to be a deal made until Draft Night, but what are the odds that the Ravens swoop in and offer the Jets a different former MVP than originally thought?

They’re considered long shots, but they are on the list and in the top-10 of teams most likely to acquire Jackson. New York comes in with a designation of +1200.

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