Metaverse Gaming Revenues to Surge by 40% Year-over-Year to $13.8B in 2023

As one of the largest segments of the metaverse industry, metaverse gaming continues growing in popularity, with more and more gamers searching for a unique, personalized, and immersive gaming experience. The entire market is set to witness double-digit growth this year, with revenues rising to record highs.

According to data presented by, global metaverse gaming revenues are expected to jump by almost 40% year-over-year and hit $13.8bn in 2023.

Revenues to Continue Growing by a CAGR of 42% Between 2003 and 2030

Metaverse games allow players to create their own content and experience and interact in real-time and more immersively than possible through traditional online multiplayer games. The entire concept is powered by Blockchain technology, allowing players to earn in-game rewards, buy and sell assets, and even trade cryptocurrencies, but also ensuring that all transactions are transparent and secure.

The metaverse is poised to become the future of gaming, with more investors and developers getting involved in the space and pushing the boundaries of virtual reality and Blockchain technology.

According to a Statista survey, global metaverse gaming revenues amounted to $9.9bn last year. This figure is expected to jump by 39.1% to over $13.8bn in 2023. Still, that I nothing compared to the growth in the following years. Statista expects global metaverse gaming revenues to grow by a CAGR of 42% between 2023 and 2030, resulting in a market volume of $163.4bn.

As the market`s largest segment, adventure games will bring around $5.7bn in 2023, or 41% of the total revenues. By 2030, this figure is expected to grow by a massive 956% and hit $60.2bn. Action games, the second-largest segment of the metaverse gaming market, is forecast to generate $3.4bn in revenue this year. This figure is expected to grow twelve times in the next seven years and hit $43.6bn.

More than 112M People to Play Metaverse Games in 2023; Global User Count to Reach 434M in 2030

The surge of gamers searching for a unique, more personalized, and immersive gaming experience remains the biggest driver of metaverse gaming revenue growth.

Last year, around 93.7 million people worldwide played metaverse games, according to Statista. This figure is expected to jump by almost 20% to 112.1 million in 2023. However, Statista predicts the global user count to explode in the following years.

In 2026, the number of people playing metaverse games will jump to over 220 million, almost double the user count in 2023. By the end of 2030, metaverse games will have more than 200 million new users, with the total user count rising to 434 million worldwide.

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