Bill Simmons Predicts LeBron James, Draymond To Mavericks

Could the Dallas Mavericks be the NBA next super team? Apparently, Bill Simmons sees LeBron James and Draymond Green ending up there within the next couple of seasons.

The Boston-based sports writer took to his podcast on Wednesday to do one of his segments called “Half-Baked Ideas”, and he had a very interesting one involving the NBA.

Could LeBron James And Draymond Green Eventually Join Dallas Mavericks?

“I have my half-baked idea for Draymond’s next season,” Simmons began. “I think he ends up in Dallas with Kyrie and with Luka, and then LeBron tries to figure out a way to get there eventually. Yea, that’s my prediction.”

Going on about Draymond, Simmons added, “Yea, I don’t know, I’m feeling a Dallas scent…He is kind of what they need. Someone who cares about defense, and doesn’t care about shooting.”

It is quite a take that would shake up the Western Conference and the league, and there’s a lot of moving parts to wrap your brain around.

Simmons sees Green headed there first, with LeBron figuring out a way “eventually”. Draymond has a player option year left on his contract, and it is likely that the Warriors are done paying him the top dollar that he once commanded, given his advancing age. But he may be exactly what the Mavericks are looking for, according to Simmons.

Simmons Thinks LeBron Will Ring Chase

Getting LeBron James to come along would be the big question, but there are a couple of angles that make sense. There is the off-court and business connection between James and Green, and of course the experience and history with Kyrie Irving as his teammate.

But it was thought that LeBron James headed to Los Angeles to finish his career, and he might just stay put after all. But Simmons predicts that James will eventually want to chase rings.

“He knows he wants at least five, and if he feels like this Lakers thing isn’t going to work, he’s going to start ring chasing.”

It all seems far-fetched, and the Mavericks have far bigger issues to deal with during the present day than to be able to look so far down the road. They are not even sure if they’ll have a Big 2 next season, as Irving’s contract situation is not solidified, so bringing him back would be the first priority before they can even think about adding any other stars.

Many of the things that Bill Simmons says should be taken with a grain of salt, especially regarding LeBron James, but he does have a creative basketball mind that can sometimes see things coming down the road.

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