Trail Blazers Pull Off Biggest Upset In NBA In 30 Years

The Portland Trail Blazers have essentially given up on the season, and were missing 4 of their 5 usual starters on Sunday during their game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

But against all odds (literally), Portland was able to come away with the highly unlikely victory, capping off the biggest upset that the NBA has seen in 30 years.

Trail Blazers Pull Off Biggest NBA Upset In 30 Years

The Trail Blazers entered the game at 19.5 point underdogs. They had won just one game in their previous 12, and had already shut down Damian Lillard and others for the home stretch of the season as they are well out of the playoff picture.

Over the team’s previous five games (all losses), they lost by 28, 6, 34, 40, and 24 points. There was plenty of reason to believe that a team at full strength and fighting for their playoff lives would dominate against a team made up of essentially G-League players, and the spread reflected that.

But it was an all-time let down by the Timberwolves. The last time a team was defeated while being so heavily favored was back in 1993, when the Dallas Mavericks were 19.5 point underdogs and were able to beat the Seattle SuperSonics.

According to ESPN’s stats and data, the largest point spread ever overcome in league history was 21 points, when the Orlando Magic beat the Chicago Bulls back in 1991.

Crushing Loss For The T’Wolves Playoff Hopes

For the Trail Blazers, it is an impressive headline and perhaps something small to build on for the young players going into next season. But for the Wolves, it could spell ultimate doom for their season.

They likely won’t fall out of the play-in tournament standings as the Mavericks are now floundering in the 11th spot, but Minnesota currently sits as the 9th seed, and are just a game up on the Thunder who sit in the postseason’s final slot.

A week ago, the Wolves won one of the more impressive back-to-backs that you’ll see in their upsets of the Warriors and Kings on consecutive nights. They looked poised to make a push for the 6th seed in the West and were looking like the team that no one wanted to face in the first round.

Now, with an injury to rotation piece Naz Reid and the potential fallout from giving up the biggest upset in the last 30 years, the Timberwolves could be in trouble.

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