Victor Wembanyama Put Back Dunk Off Own 3-Pointer

Victor Wembanyama has been touted as one of the best basketball prospects that we have ever seen, and he showed us a small taste of why on Sunday.

The player who is almost guaranteed to be taken first overall in this summer’s NBA Draft was playing for his pro team in France on Sunday, in a meeting of the top two teams in LNB Pro A, the top-tier French basketball league.

WATCH: Victor Wembanyama Put Back Dunk

Wembanyama’s team left with a loss, but that didn’t matter much in the eyes of the highlight watchers on social media, and eventually on SportsCenter.

The reasons for the hype around Wembanyama are his long, massive frame as well as his elite-level skill talents. The combination of the two traits have made him the prospect that he is.

So while the highlight play that he made sounds like a human impossibility, Wembanyama made it look like a walk in the park.

Early in the second quarter, Wembanyama dribbled around the left elbow, and used his length to take a step-back, fall-away three pointer. He apparently knew that he had missed right away, and gathered himself in order to make a sprint towards the basket.

Wembanyama Is A Lock For #1 Overall Pick

Wembanyama took four steps from the tip he finished his fade away, and was already at the basket, dunking home his own put back. If he really tried, he probably could have made it in two steps.

Freakish athletic plays are one of the reasons why Victor Wembanyama will very likely be the first overall pick in the draft. There have been four teams this season that have been tanking in order for a better chance at the top prospect, and there is really no one else even in consideration for the top pick.

Scoot Henderson would likely be the first player taken in most other drafts, but he is listed in a very distant second place, with oddsmakers having his odds being +3000. Wembanyama sits at a ridiculous -20000. Henderson would be the overwhelming favorite to be picked second, though, with his line coming in at -350 in that regard.

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