12 Sex Positions That Will Turn Up the Heat on a Cold Winter Day

12 Sex Positions That Will Turn Up the Heat on a Cold Winter Day

It’s natural to not want anything to stand between you and an orgasm when you’re rearing and ready to go. However, that doesn’t always hold true during the wintertime. Shorter days and frigid temperatures do nothing for libido, and lounging on the couch to watch reruns with a cozy blanket sounds way more enticing than finding the energy to have sex. It’s ridiculously easy to fall into hibernation mode during the wintertime, but there’s also no better way to release pent-up energy (and boost your mood) than through a steamy sex sesh. To keep things hot and heavy all season long no matter how cold it is outside or how badly you want to keep watching your comfort show, we’ve rounded up 12 of the hottest sex positions for winter.

1. Lazy Lay

We all know that energy levels often dip during the cold winter months, so on the days you’re in the mood to get it on while exerting minimal effort, this move is for you. Plus, it works whether you’re having sex with a penis or vagina-owner. The penetrating partner will lay on their side facing the receiver, who will be flat on their back with their legs draped over them. From here, the penetrating partner can gently and slowly move in and out. Not only does this feel amazing, but it also leaves room for simultaneous clitoral stimulation.

2. Cocooned Cowgirl

Whenever you’re in the mood to climb on top but don’t want to leave your body exposed to the cold air, turn to the cocooned cowgirl. With this winterized version of the cowgirl sex position, the penetrating partner lies flat on their back and the receiver stays on top with their knees on either side of them. Instead of staying upright, though, the receiver will then tent themselves within a blanket, press their torso against their partner, and place their elbows on either side of their face. Keeping this skin-on-skin contact, grind back and forth against each other and simultaneously enjoy clitoral stimulation and ample access to the G-spot.

3. Cuddle Squat

If you’re looking for a move that produces ample body heat and feels extra intimate, look no further. With the cuddle squat, the penetrating partner sits slightly reclined with their legs straight out in front of them while the receiver squats on top of them with their hips slightly lifted. Once you’re in position, the top partner can wrap their elbows around their partner’s head while the bottom holds onto their back for stability as you rock back and forth together.

4. Hot Doggy

Doggy style is a classic for a reason—it feels amazing for both partners and looks hot AF. However, while the traditional version leaves you unprotected against the cold air, the hot doggy shields you from it. Rather than getting on their hands and knees, the receiving partner lies flat on their stomach while the giver enters from behind, placing their hands on either side of their face for support. If you really want to turn up the heat, have the giver pull a blanket over the two of you, and if you’re on the bottom, keep your legs together for added tension and pleasure.

5. Bearhug

Not having sex in front of a fireplace during the cold winter months is practically a crime. So light yours or pull up a “fireplace for home” video on your TV, then dim the lights and place some blankets and pillows on the floor for a cozy and romantic vibe. The receiving partner will then lie flat on their side in the fetal position while the penetrating partner spreads their legs far apart, kneels down, wraps them in a bear hug, and enters them from behind with their penis, fingers, or a toy. If things feel off, try having the receiver hold on to a pillow for extra stability, and go slow so both partners can enjoy the ultra-deep penetration.

6. Scissors

Although this move can work if you’re having sex with someone with a penis, it works even better if you’re having sex with a vulva owner. One partner lies on their side while the other straddles their bottom leg as you rub clitorises together or the penetrating partner exerts smaller, controlled thrusts upward toward the G-spot. In addition to being super simple and effective, this move allows you to exert as minimal effort as possible on winter days when you’re feeling lazy AF.

7. Mid-Winter Missionary

Missionary is one of the most criminally underrated sex positions and mid-winter missionary spices up the staple with the addition of pillows and blankets. For this move, set up with the receiving partner flat on their back and the giving partner kneeling over them. Once you’re in position, have the bottom partner place a pillow under their butt for extra clitoral stimulation and the top partner pull a blanket up to their shoulders for extra warmth before thrusting inwards and upwards while the bottom grinds against their pubic bone. Not only will this feel amazing for all involved, but it’ll keep the two of you close and make things feel super intimate.

8. Snuggled Spoon

Whether you’re lounging on a lazy Sunday or simply love having sex from behind, the snuggled spoon gives all the cozy vibes and can be easily adapted to suit your preferred method of penetration, regardless of whether it’s fingers, toys, or a penis. If you’re receiving, cozy up under a blanket together and press your backside against their chest as they wrap an arm around your waist. They can then tease you with some dirty talk, licking, kissing, and exploring before entering you from behind. No matter your method of penetration, this angle always feels incredible and gives your partner a chance to explore your flower pot and G-spot.

9. Gift Wrapped

The start of winter may coincide with the holidays, but with this position, you’ll remind them that you’re the best gift of all. For this move, the giver will be on top with the receiver on the bottom, who will then wrap their arms around their partner’s back like they’re ensconcing them in a hug. Both partners can then move in tandem, rocking back and forth accordingly. On top of being able to whisper dirty things to each other, you’ll also get major skin-on-skin contact that’ll (literally) warm you up from the inside out.

10. Warm and Wild

Outercourse is just as important as intercourse, and the warm and wild gives your partner a chance to explore your body in a sensual way. With this, your partner will give you a tantric massage over your erogenous zones and genitalia using a massage candle or warm lube. Unlike other sex positions, orgasm isn’t the goal here—instead, it’s all about increasing mindfulness, sexual pleasure, and strengthening the connection between you and your partner. Once you’re both satisfied, end the evening with a bang and try out a few sex positions from this list.

11. Snow Angel

Think of this sex position as the adult, NSFW version of the designs you made in the snow as a child. If you’re receiving, lie flat on your back in bed with your arms and legs spread wide in the shape of an X. Then, have your partner place their hands on either side of your face for support and stay hovering as they enter you while staying between your legs for ultra-deep penetration. Likewise, have your partner tie your arms or legs to the bed if you want to really spice things up.

12. Naughty or Nice

Take advantage of a lazy winter day by engaging in some long, drawn-out foreplay. Dim the lights, throw on a sexy playlist, light some candles, and climb under the covers with your partner. Start by kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with your hands, mouth, and toys before moving down south for some oral action. Don’t be afraid to take your time and experiment with some light bondage or edging before segueing to the grand finale with sex positions from this list.

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