The Best Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

The Best Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

To make sure you get the best gift possible for your friends and family, you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for presents based on their zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign is so unique, and they deserve holiday gifts that are just as special as they are—social Geminis and Libras want something different from homebody Tauruses and Cancers, who also want something different from on-the-go Aries and Sagittariuses. You don’t have to search all over the internet to figure out what to get for everyone in your life, though, because we found gift ideas for every zodiac sign, from slippers to candles to jewelry.


Aries are bold, competitive, and active. Whether the Aries in your life loves to exercise and play sports or they’re always standing out from the crowd, they’ll love bright colors, fun patterns, and presents that they can use for their active lifestyle.

New Balance

Aries needs a cute pair of shoes that won’t slow them down since they’re constantly on the move. These chic New Balance sneakers can take them from the gym to dinner with no need to stop and change.


Since Aries aren’t great at relaxing, gift them a calming pillow spray to help them wind down after a busy day. This spray from OSEA activates the body’s vagus nerve, promoting total relaxation.

Polo Ralph Lauren

A baseball hat is sporty and trendy at the same time. Since they always have somewhere to be, this hat will ensure Aries won’t have to worry about fixing their hair.


A bright plaid scarf is the perfect accessory for Aries who aren’t afraid to add pops of color to their cold weather outfits.


Tauruses are hard workers, but they’re also homebodies who need a lot of relaxation. Gifts that will help them take their self-care to the next level are perfect for Tauruses.


Whether you call them flared leggings or yoga pants, the stretchy style is comfy yet fashionable enough to wear on the couch or at brunch.


What could be better for the master of treating themselves, AKA Taurus, than a gift set with a face roller, gua sha, and dry brush?


Give Taurus a luxuriously soft robe for them to wear while treating themselves to an at-home spa day.


The final addition to a Taurus’ evening of relaxation? A pair of cozy slippers they won’t want to take off.


The ideal present for a Gemini is something that allows them to flex their wide range of knowledge and gift for communicating. Geminis are represented by the twins, meaning they have multiple sides to them, so they’ll also love items with more than one use.

Book of the Month

Get the Geminis in your life a monthly book subscription so they’ll never run out of stories to read.


Geminis will appreciate a journal for them to jot down all their ideas, and you can get this one monogrammed for a personal touch.

Boy Smells

Give a Gemini a perfume sampler that allows them to mix up their scent to match their (many) different moods and personalities.


Not only are Geminis great writers, but they’re also youthful and love anything playful, like a set of colorful gel pens.


Cancers are nurturing and enjoy taking care of others, and they’ll love presents that they can use while hosting or that will make their house comfy for guests. They’re highly emotional and intuitive, too, so lean into that when picking out their gifts.

West Elm

Cancers can host their friends and family at their homes with a beautiful set of plates that pull their dinner table together.

Pottery Barn

A plush blanket is just what any Cancer needs to have the perfect night in during the winter months.

Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela’s smoky, woody “By The Fireplace” is one of the coziest scents, making this candle ideal for homebody Cancers.

Magic of I.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, which means they’re extra affected by its movements. This diary will allow them to keep track of the moon cycles for setting goals and manifesting.


Leos always want to be the star of the show, so make sure you choose gifts for them that help them achieve that, like crazy patterns, bold colors, and sparkles.


Leos love to be on trend, and huggie hoops are having a moment right now. Bonus: Nothing says “Leo” like gold and sparkles.


Give a Leo a trendy headband to keep their flowing mane out of their face. This one is even studded with jewels.


Leos always want to be bejeweled, which means they have a necklace or bracelet for every occasion. A jewelry organizer will help them keep track of everything.


Barbie gives major main character energy, just like a Leo. They can add this candle to their home to make it feel like Barbie’s Dreamhouse.


Smart, practical, and organized, Virgos like gifts that are functional and serve a purpose, like books and organizers.

The Everygirl x Day Designer

Anything that will help Virgo stay organized will be a huge hit with them, like this weekly and monthly planner.


Virgos love to be prepared for anything, so they’ll love this set of hand and body butters. They can toss one in every tote and not have to ever worry about going without.


Virgos are lifelong learners, and they’ll relish being able to dive into all kinds of topics with MasterClass.

Mark & Graham

Whether they’re on their way to work, class, or a coffee shop, Virgos will often have their computer handy to take notes or jot down ideas. A chic laptop case (that can be personalized) is right up their alley.


Libras enjoy things that are artistic, romantic, and aesthetically pleasing, from fashion to decor to makeup.

Evelyn Skye

Libras are intellectual, and they love love. Combine their two passions by getting them this novel that tells the story of a woman who discovers she’s part of a love story that spans lives, years, and continents.

Art Institute of Chicago

Famous works by artists including Picasso, Monet, and more that you can color in yourself is about as Libra as it gets.


Press-on nails will allow indecisive Libras to easily switch up their manicure any time they want.

Charlotte Tilbury

Libras always want to look their very best. A blush and highlighter duo is the perfect way to complete their makeup look.


Scorpios are mysterious and uber-private, so they enjoy items that help maintain their personal space and give them alone time.


Scorpios can wear these headphones out on the street, to the gym, or while working at Starbucks when they’re not in the mood to engage in draining small talk.

Free People

Nothing says mysterious like a pair of oversized sunglasses. Any Scorpio in these is bound to turn heads in a “who is she?” type of way.

Keila Shaheen

Scorpios are more in touch with their dark side than most, and they can continue to understand and heal their emotions with this journal.

Various Authors

There’s nothing too creepy for a Scorpio. A book of classic horror tales will test their limits, though.


Sagittarians love to travel, and they’re one of the most social zodiac signs. They appreciate gifts that they can use while traveling or spending time with friends. Sagittarians like presents that can teach them new things, too.

Stoney Clover Lane

Sagittarians are always looking for their next adventure and need to have their passport handy. A cute case will protect their passport from getting banged up on their travels.


A portable charger will ensure that your busy Sagittarius friends always have their phone fully charged no matter where they are.

Simple Modern

Help your Sag friends and family stay hydrated while on the go with a large water bottle with a nifty handle.

The New York Times

Sagittarians enjoy learning new things and are interested in a wide variety of subjects, and they can continue to expand their knowledge with this book.


Capricorns are ambitious and almost always working, so give the Caps in your life things they can use for work. Avoid trendy things for Capricorns since they’re typically more traditional.


It’s no surprise that Capricorns are workaholics, and they’ll appreciate items that will keep their desk tidy, like these drawers.


Capricorns need a lot of caffeine to keep up with their busy schedules, and they can brew as much as they want with their own coffee maker.


Most Capricorns could do with some tension relief, so gift them a massage gun to help them relax their tight muscles.


Rather than trendy accessories, get a Capricorn a classic watch that they can wear for years to come.


Aquarians are independent, intellectual, and unique, so their gifts should follow suit—items that not everyone has and things that will allow them to use their brain.

Melinda Maria

Instead of a typical tennis bracelet, give Aquarians this brightly hued option that will stand out.


Tech-minded Aquarians can keep all their technology in one place thanks to this pouch that can hold all of the tech accessories they need on hand.

New York Puzzle Company

Aquarians can sometimes have overactive minds. This cozy yet challenging puzzle is the perfect calming activity.

Birthdate Co.

Aquarians take pride in their uniqueness, so they’ll love a candle that highlights the day they were born.


Pisces are creative, sensitive, and practically psychic. Anything “woo-woo” would be an ideal present for them.

J. Southern Studio

Every Pisces needs their very own crystals to accompany their manifestations.

Intelligent Change

Head-in-the-clouds Pisces can record their dreams in this journal to help make sense of them.


Creative Pisces will want to spend all their time completing a paint-by-numbers canvas. And they’ll have a new piece of artwork to add to their walls when they’re done.


Since Pisces are often into mystical subjects like astrology, they’ll love this mother of pearl pendant.

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