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Jets Punter Responds To Team Criticisms From Former Wideout

Mecole Hardman is a three-time Super Bowl Champion with the Kansas City Chiefs. He has spent a majority of his career catching passes from Patrick Mahomes, and was on the receiving end of the game winning touchdown in the team’s most recent championship. But there was a stretch of about seven months when he went and tried his hand at playing for another team, and his time with the New York Jets proved to be an abject failure.

He let the world know about it on Tuesday with his comments.

Hardman Speaks Out On His Time With The Jets

Hardman appeared on the Pivot Podcast this past weekend, and had plenty to say about his stay in New York despite the short legth of his tenure:

Everybody does what they want to do. Granted, the defense has more of a stabilized standard with the coaching staff on that side, so the defense has a standard. But the offense is just like, ‘We’ll just figure it out. It’s Aaron’s show. Let Aaron do what Aaron does.’ Then when Aaron goes down, it’s like we don’t know what to do.”

In his six games played with the Jets, Hardman played a grand total of 28 snaps. He caught one pass, which ended up being a 6-yard gain. In the interview, he says that he had already contacted the Chiefs and asked them to “come get me”.

Morstead Responds via Twitter on Wednesday

The news about Hardman’s comments about the Jets made the rounds, and it apparently rubbed some of New York’s players the wrong way. A player that was on the team’s roster in 2023 took to Twitter to respond, and it happened to be punter Thomas Morstead:

Be careful getting information from disgruntled employees. Getting beat out by a rookie free agent after being guaranteed millions of dollars is tough to deal with. Entitlement is a killer of opportunity. You have to earn it every year.

Hardman had easily his biggest game of the season in the meaningless Week 18 contest between the Chiefs and Chargers, when he caught 6 passes for 77 yards. In the three playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl, he caught two passes for a total of five yards. In the big game, he had three grabs for 57 yards, including the game-winner in overtime.

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